Group Motion with Leni Basso

     Group Motion has a long history of collaborating with and commissioning distinguished national and international guest choreographers and artists in all fields, including: film, visual art, and writing. Among them are:

Choreographers Masaki Iwana (France), Carol Brown (New Zealand), Akiko Kitamura -Leni Basso (Japan), Kenshi Nohmi (Japan), Oscar Araiz (Argentina), Silvana Cardell (Argentina/USA) Wally Cardona (USA), Susan Rethorst (USA), Rennie Harris (USA), Hellmut Gottschild (USA) and Kun-Yang Lin (USA)

Composers Andrea Clearfield, Phil Kline, Tim Motzer, Charles Cohen, Ric Iannacone, Joseph Wong , Quintan Ana Wikswoand, and Lenny Seidman (all USA)

Visual artists Peter Rose, Harold Jacobs, Warren Muller, Tobin Rothlein, and Woofy Bubbles (all USA)

Writers Sandra Grilikhes, and Quintan Ana Wikswo (all USA)

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