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Facilitator Training

Presently directed by Brigitta Herrmann, the GMW Facilitator  Training is offered for GMW members who participated in GMW  with several years of practice, ranging from 5 to 10 years or longer.  Participants' commitment, passion for creative, authentic, expression through movement and sound, and the growing awareness of dance as a universal language and as a therapeutic  tool determine the prerequisite to engage and to qualify as an agent

for this vital life-affirming practice. 


In the US 

• Friday Night Workshop, Philadelphia, PA; with Brigitta  Herrmann 

• DE (ArdeninMotion) facilitated by Megan King & Nina Sherak

• PA Mainline Group Motion, facilitated by Laura Bertin 

In Europe 

• Saint Malo de Phily, Rennes, France, and other various locations, facilitated by Laina Fischbeck 

• Berlin, Germany, Marameo Berlin, and other locations, facilitated by Heidi Weiss and Jennifer Mann 

Additional Facilitators: 

Megan Bridge

Harold Katz 

Nicole Levin

Lauren Pokras

Suzanne Wright

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